Tillie - Echoes

"Ms. Berg beautifully brought Tillie to life as the educated young lady who spoke her mind."

"...the actresses [had] plenty of room to explore the depth of their characters and embody their roles with passion and believability."

-Broadway World

"...there is nothing to criticize...these two talented actresses make you feel the grittiness of their realities and break your heart..."

-Creative Loafing Tampa

"Kate Berg is fantastic as Tillie, just as deftly walking us into a Victorian England that is perfectly devoid of the saccharine sentimentality most plays adorn it with."

-The Bradenton Times

"In an increasingly gripping series of brief and intersecting monologues...these two women draw us into their stories, describing in sometimes horrifyingly graphic detail the brutality they have witnessed or discovered and the tragedy that surrounds their young lives."


Echoes at Urbanite Theatre

"Berg and Vial-Golden are committed to the engaging but doomed women they play (and to voicing the play’s other characters, male or female)"

-Sarasota Magazine

Brendan Ragan Photography

"It’s a gimmick-free play, and it's a heavy play. The bulk of the weight is on the shoulders of the two actors alone.

Berg and Vial-Golden carry that weight with honesty and grace. In addition to Tillie and Samira, they bring a large cast of unseen characters to life using only voice characterization and body language."

-Your Observer

Suncoast View - 14 December 2017

Audience Reactions to Echoes

"Kate Berg is physically ideal to play Tillie, blonde hair, blue eyes, fair complexion, beautiful in the way a Victorian young lady was beautiful. With the aid of an extremely well-written piece, she is totally believable as she lives the horrors of being in an aggressive male-dominated world."

-Talking Broadway

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