Dialects & Vocal Coaching

Kate is available as Dialect and Vocal Coach for productions, workshops, readings, and private lessons. She has worked with full casts, individual actors, small classes, and private lessons.


While in-person sessions are preferred for classes and coaching, last minute audition and callback prep is available over the phone, FaceTime, or Skype. 

For inquires about availability, scheduling, and rates please click below - I look forward to hearing from you!

Reivews from Actors

Kate has been an invaluable resource for me when it comes to dialect work. She has coached me on accents for a play, as well two auditions, both of which I booked after we worked together. Not only is her knowledge of dialects impressive, but she is patient and fun to work with and incredibly encouraging in a way that genuinely inspires confidence. I went into both of those auditions feeling comfortable with my British dialects in a way that allowed me to be at ease and focus on the actual acting, instead of worrying about how I sounded. Kate’s approach is both universal in terms of what a specific dialect requires, and very personalized for whomever she is working with. For me, she pointed out specific things that she quickly picked up on as my tendencies or habits, and I have been able to carry the awareness she gave me into each project I work on that requires the dialect. 

Private Coaching NYC

Kate was an incredible resource during Dancing at Lughnasa. I came in with virtually no dialect experience, but her confidence in training and readiness to help were invaluable. By the time the show went up, I was barely thinking about my dialect work, and Kate played a huge part in getting me there.


- Dancing at Lughnasa

Kate was an incredibly helpful dialect coach. The nuances of British RP weren't exactly easy to pick up, but Kate made sure to walk through it step by step. She was always open and available for questions and didn't laugh when I completely butchered the same word 10 times in a row! I was recently in London and fooled a local into thinking my accent was real- Kate's lessons clearly worked out in the end!


- Tribes

I had had no previous experience with a Dialect Coach, so I was a little hesitant, but Kate was extremely supportive and encouraging. She worked individually with me when needed and was very patient despite my repeated mistakes. Kate was easy to contact and very responsive to my needs and where I wanted to go with my Dialect studies. She was always very prepared and helpful and I learned very quickly under her guidance. I look forward to being able to work with her again.



- Tribes

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