Melody - BAD JEWS

"Kate Berg fleshes out Melody better than the playwright, bringing verve, honesty and conviction to the Delaware-born sweetheart."

-Creative Pinellas

"Kate Berg plays the outsider, Melody, and she rightfully fits Harmon's description of the role: "[Extra] cute. She looks like someone who would have been abducted when she was nine but returned to her parents unharmed."

She performs the part well, clueless but not too air-headed, but you know from one glance that she is not Jewish and that there is a war that she is unknowingly smack dab in the middle of. She does a fine job, and as privileged as the part is, we ultimately feel quite sorry for her."

-Broadway World

"Berg’s Melody possesses a gentle sweetness that is interlaced with her sheltered gullibility. However, when she shows an unexpected side of her character at the end of the play, she expertly exposes this facet as though she was ripping off a band-aid from a freshly cut wound. "

-Splash Magazines

"Kate Berg stands apart from the other three in every conceivable way, so much so that the others are tempted to discount her humanity. It’s a solid performance of someone who can be underestimated, someone who can and will be tested as the conflict intensifies."

-Tampa Bay Times

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